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5 tips for having the time of your life in high school

Many of my friends and acquaintances will say the same canned statement about me: “everybody knew him in high school!”

Of course, I hope that’s not the only thing they say.

The reality of the matter, though, is that everybody really did know me in high school.

Somehow, someway – in other words, without really trying – I was able to graduate as the valedictorian of my senior class yet also go to countless parties, win prom king my senior year, spend tons of time on personal hobbies and other side gigs, and perhaps best of all, steal a couple kisses here and there.


Therefore, here are five tips you can follow to make your high school experience as awesome mine was.

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Marilyn Riggins: "Watching kids grow"

This was the first profile-style video I made, so of course I dedicated the occasion to one of the most unique individuals at my high school, Marilyn Riggins. A professed genius and math wiz, here’s a little insight into her inspiration for teaching: watching kids grow.

Offbeat #12 | Thinking of You (Valentine’s Day Edition)

In this episode of Offbeat, we have the wonderful musical talents of Yanet Felipe and Laymit Savorit (excuse the misspelling in the video) delivering an excellent acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s song, “Thinking of You“. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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