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What I’m listening to right now

I don’t often write these kind of basic, “snippet of my life” posts but I’m feeling kind of inspired to do so today so why not. The following are Youtube links to the five hottest songs on the Monzón Billboard 100.

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Nostalgia led me to live in the moment

As the full moon illuminated the little patch of cemented jungle she calls home, I stood there with my shoulder on the fridge; Kanye West talking about family business in the background.

Right in front of me were photographs of a past that I still miss dearly. To my right was a picture of us on our first date, a tour of a historical estate overlooking Biscayne Bay. To my left was a filmstrip of us goofing around at the baseball stadium, posing with Viking hats and a blow-up tiger and kissing each other as if it were the last time we’d ever get the chance.

On a normal day, I would’ve given these images a cursory glance and then resumed consumption of inane Internet videos and memes. But a different fate awaited me tonight – a run-in with a bittersweet longing for bygone years called nostalgia.

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