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Hello. My name is Tomás Lautaro Monzón. Age 22, last time I checked.

I am a college student working on a bachelor’s in Information Technology and I have experience and interest in journalism, public speaking, photography, videography, writing and a range of other artistic endeavors. 

The Origins of ElMonzon.com

I unofficially launched ElMonzon.com in 2008, during the summer just before the eight grade. Back then, ElMonzon.com was little more than a blog on Blogger with a little article on the “passing” of Windows XP. Since then, I’ve continued to perfect the craft of writing and videography and I have published most, if not all of my work on my blog. 

Recently, I decided to rebrand both myself and my work as ElMonzon.com, an online newsmagazine aimed at documenting change and changemakers. Change is a powerful force, and a personal fascination of mine is the ability to identify and live through change anecdotally, so that my future and those of others can be made greater through a keen awareness of our roots.

ElMonzon.com is therefore a recollection of written articles, images and video on various forms of change – everything from profiles on individuals making a difference in their communities to my thoughts on technology and competing schools of thought in my everlasting quest to be the best person I can be. Additionally, the sum of it all is a glimpse into the life and times of me, a recently documented immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina trying to make it big in the U.S.

Think of it like meeting me in person; just virtually, over the Internet. 

Getting Your Questions Answered …

If you like what you see or if you have any questions for me, check out the FAQ below. If you’ve still got questions, let me know using the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

… by way of a FAQ section.

  • Do you get paid for what you do?

For the time being, no. I’ve been paid chump change for some articles, and though I’m very appreciative of that fact, I realize it’s no way of living to rely on that. For now, I want to perfect my craft and simply tell good stories. If money comes my way, so be it.

  • Who reads this?

Well, luckily, you! And as many friends of yours as you’d like to share your discovery to. There’s a great video by The School of Life on “loneliness” that says a couple of things that keep me motivated on a daily basis. Here’s the video. See if you can identify which parts relate.

  • “El monzón?” What’s that about?

One night while watching TV, a good friend of mine was having a laugh attack over my saying “pudding.” Well, probably not exactly, but she loves laughing at most anything I say so it might as well have been that. Laughter gave way to stupid phrases, and one of them was “El Monzón!” I owe the name to her laugh attack.




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