Don’t throttle my dreams

I don’t want my dreams to be throttled by a broken immigration system, by my parents’ forced response to a decaying Argentine economy at the turn of the century, by the inability of a Congress to provide for its most promising citizens. In the grand scheme of the world and its history, these details will either be forgotten or underappreciated; the frustrating paralysis caused by them belittled or ignored in the face of what could’ve been but never was.

4 thoughts on “Don’t throttle my dreams”

  1. They won’t be. You’re going somewhere, you’re just looking at the base of the hill right now and soon when you get over it, you’ll be able to witness the other side you’ve been working for.


  2. Yet you made a really long post about how we should accept Trump as our President, and he’s a big reason why a lot of this is happening.


    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. While I don’t necessarily approve of the choice made for President, the office itself should always be respected and I feared that the “Not My President” chants would lead us astray.


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