Modern mediocrity is unappealing, part one

My greatest take-away from my wonderful trip to Universal Studios this weekend with my family had little to do with awe-inspiring attractions.

Actually, the prevalence of video-based rides as opposed to de facto rollercoasters wasn’t much to my liking.

What I did notice, however, was how unappealing modern mediocrity is.

Waiting times in the lines at Universal Studios are, as one would imagine, quite long. The rides, though short, can only accommodate so many people at a time, usually in the neighborhood of 10 – 30. With a 2014 attendance figure in excess of 40 million, one may understand why elaborate labyrinths of security poles and staircases preface the actual ride experiences.

Yet the perfectly logical waiting time paraphernalia gives way to something much more grotesque, which I like to call modern mediocrity.

You’ve seen it before – a given individual, be he or she in his or her 20s or 60s, walks along a few feet at a time as the line intermittently shuffles forward.

Then, once a cursory 360-degree status check glance ensures nothing life-threatening is going on, the smartphone makes its ugly yet undeniably subtle appearance.

In fact, let me leave that for another blog post. It deserves it.

More on modern mediocrity in the next post; in other words, what constant smartphone usage says about us.


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