Sasha and The Cat (A Documentary)

During the month of April, I spent a lot of time with these two girls: Catleya Sornmyura, an event planner at the Biltmore Hotel and an acquaintance of mine from high school, and her best friend Sasha Bruno, a herbal pharmacist and up-and-coming entrepreneur of paleo muffins.

This is their story: a feel-good documentary about the power of friendship and how two completely different personalities have found solace in each other’s company.

I do plan to write a couple of articles in the next couple of weeks about what I learned from producing this documentary, which marks my first somewhat feature-length film since my high school-era attempt with the band documentary called A Serpent’s Tale. It’s safe to say my editing and storytelling skills have improved vastly since then, but as always, there’s still room for improvement.

Here’s the official poster, which I got to print at 40 inches by 27 inches thanks to the awesome print shop I work at!


In case you’re not keen on 21 minutes of two girls living together, at least check out the trailer below. It’s set to the tune of the late Argentinean saxophonist Gato Barbieri, who rocked the world with his impassioned and raw form of playing his instrument.

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