Yes, some relationships do endure.

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A week or so ago, I went back to my old high school to attend a concert featuring some of the music program’s alumni, many of which I befriended during the production of my feature-length documentary, A Serpent’s Tale.

Several thoughts. Number one: man, did I feel old! Before the concert began, I took a stroll through “the old” cafeteria, gymnasium, parking lot and classrooms.

They might feel old to me, but the one who’s really feeling the passing of time to me. It was eerie to walk through the halls of a previous era of my life; it gave me a feeling of “bigness”, if you will, with formerly large hallways and rooms appearing quite small now. I did that movie-like thing where I stared longingly at a corner or classroom and pretended to see ghosts of my friends and I having a grand old time.

So yes, I did long for the days of high school during my stroll … but after some more thinking, I realized that I’m now in a much better place and time. I’m working a full-time job, I’m making moves towards careers in multimedia and information technology, and I’m going to events and doing things I simply didn’t even conceive of in high school (like salsa dancing until 5 a.m.)

A second thought: some relationships truly do endure. Sometimes people fall out of love with each other either arduously (messy breakups) or passively (coworkers who land new gigs).

But other people really do carry relationships on throughout time, even if they don’t get a chance to interact with each other much. I’m of course talking about the alumni that attended the concert,many of whom are pursuing college educations in different schools and in different subjects.

I worked closely with many of them during the production of the documentary; sure, but together, they endured the arduous challenge of interpreting and playing music together on many stages. That rigorous, collective pursuit brought them together so closely that, even years later, they were still excited to play and laugh together in the same practice rooms they’d played and laughed in during high school.

That, quite frankly, impresses me immeasurably. It also motivates me to seek out relationships like these. Like I said, some relationships do decline naturally. But for those that can stay alive; it’s worthwhile doing what it takes to keep them that way. For these alumni, taking a break from their college finals to come together and play music again was their way of keeping the relationships alive. A gorgeous concept.

Check out the pictures and let me know what you think in the comments below.




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