Uber California slammed with $7.3m fine for not reporting info

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) fined Uber subsidiary Raiser-CA $7.3 million on Wednesday for withholding important operating information.

The CPUC says that Raiser-CA, which provides services through UberX, failed to report how many UberX users had solicited accessible vehicles, how many of these requests had been filled and how much income was generated through accessible service. The company also failed to report information about any accidents that involved an UberX driver and how many rides were given in each zipcode.

The news of the fine follows accusations that Uber has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by refusing to provide service to blind users with service dogs. Reports have surfaced of Uber drivers repeatedly denying rides to the same disabled individual, charging blind riders cancellation fees and abandoning them in difficult weather.

Beginning Sept. 22 of 2014, Raiser-CA and similar companies throughout California were given a year to provide the information. Raiser-CA was the only one that did not comply. Lyft was tardy in delivering the information and may face a $30,000 settlement for its late fees. The commission will vote to approve the amount on July 23.

The company has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine before its license is revoked. A statement released by Uber says the company will appeal the fine, claiming it has given sufficient data to the CPUC and that providing more info will compromise the privacy of individual riders and driver-partners. The statement adds that the requests stand beyond the Commission’s authority and will not positively affect public safety.


Miami Dade Transit launches “El paseito de Westchester”

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At a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday, Miami-Dade Transit Director Ysela Llort announced the launch of a 25-cent circulator service aimed at giving Westchester residents a transportation alternative.

The Westchester Circulator, dubbed “el paseito de Westchester” (“gentle stroll of Westchester”), began service on June 21 following the transit system’s biannual round bus route improvements.

A single bus provides hourly service between Florida International University’s South Campus on SW 107 Ave and SW 17 St to Tropical Park at SW 40 St (Bird Road) and SW 79 Ave.

Along its east-west path, the route alternates between SW 32 St and Sw 24 St (Coral Way) to service the West Dade Regional Library, a local Walmart, Columbus High School and other places of interest.

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