On Graduating from Miami Dade College, Spring 2015

Posing with the family at the Miami Dade College 2015 Commencement Ceremony of the Wolfson and Hialeah Campuses.
Posing with the family at the Miami Dade College 2015 Commencement Ceremony of the Wolfson and Hialeah Campuses.

Just last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of graduating from Miami Dade College with my Associate’s Degree! I refer to my graduation – or commencement, I should say – in this manner because accomplishing this feat is something that I wouldn’t have thought possible just over 2 years ago (as I summarized in “The Graduate Slump”). I longed to be enrolled in a post secondary institution and join the rest of my colleagues in the pursuit of a brighter professional future. Indeed, the bombastic celebration of graduates that Miami Dade College Wolfson and Hialeah Campuses hosted at the James L. Knight Conference center on a frisky Saturday morning was the reminder that I and the rest of my colleagues are doing something great. We’re chasing something larger than life itself – our dreams.

I’ve got many people to thank, but I can at least name a few. To begin with, my advisor at the Honors College, Virginia Fuillerat, for her tireless work in ensuring the focus and concentration of otherwise wayward Honors students. Next, my colleagues at The Reporter (Miami Dade College’s student newspaper) through whom I’ve learned so many vital lessons about the world of journalism.Third, my parents and sister, whom have always been supportive of my hectic lifestyle and professional endeavors.  Fourth, my girlfriend, whom at times made me feel more anxious than I should’ve but ultimately helped me develop a tenacity and self-confidence that I wouldn’t trade for anything. She’s a very special person whom I appreciate immensely.

Looking to the future, my professional goals include landing an internship or extracurricular involvement with an organization related to journalism, such as a local newspaper or media station. My academic goals involve learning as much as possible about the world of computer information systems, which will be my major when I enroll at Florida International University in the fall semester of this year. And most importantly, my personal goals involve getting some much needed down time and coming to terms with the fact that the time is now. The time to take advantage of everything the world’s got to offer and to take advantage of the opportunity I have to go find those offers is now.

And I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to the future!