Watch Your Argument!

In my International Relations class, a discussion about foreign cultures’ perception of Americans was held where a few students issued the famed ignorance claim,  which stipulates that other nations find Americans ignorant,  selfish and downright stupid. 

My response to the claim: these students should never forget that despite the exponentially expanding Chinese economy and other detrimental factors, the United States is and has been a strong world power that affords a large portion of its constituents very many freedoms and privileges, such as the freedom to pursue their own economic future and maximize their economic potential. The United States is often ranked less than stellarly in indices ranking its education, its output in certain manufacturing industries and more, but if there was an index for the highest availability of raw opportunity, my gut feeling and my own experiences here – as an immigrant that came as the age of six and is confident that I can accomplish most anything I want – nearly assure me that we would be number 1.

How stupid are we for being Americans, I might ask?


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