Moving to WordPress / New Blog Series

For the longest time, I’ve hosted my blog on, namely photo 4because I wasn’t as aware of its shortcomings several years back when I chose it, especially when stacked against the array of features and the higher quality user interface that a more refined blogging platform like WordPress offers. 

To that end, I’ve transitioned the blog over to WordPress. You can already see the beautiful new layout (one of WordPress’ default templates), a photo-centric design choice that I hope to populate with my best snapshots.

3rd and final journal cover-page-001
The cover for the last volume of the journal I had to keep.

I’d also like to announce that the next several posts will be a part of a series called New Directions: Reflections from My First Semester in College. These writings will come from a nearly 60 page journal I had to keep for my first semester English class at Miami Dade College’s Honors College. I took the obligation of having to keep the journal as an opportunity to reflect, more often than I otherwise would have, on the happenings and ordeals of my first semester in college – a time worth reminiscing upon.

Enjoy, and as always, thank you for reading my blog!

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