Spring 2014 Semester So Far

My friend Ashley and I working on homework
in the Honors Lounge.

I’ve decided to write a quick blurb about the first few days of the Spring Semester because, as each semester ends, the first thing I’ll alwaysbe looking to remember is what the first few days of it were like.

Hence, this article.

My classes this semester – besides Leadership, Pre-Cal+Trig and English 2 – are very interesting. One of them is Fundamental of Music Theory, with Professor Molinari. Walking into the class for the first time, I was excited to step into a room full of Yamaha Clavinovas. I was even more excited when I realized that each student gets a Clavinova to him-/herself! So far, we’ve practiced melodic dictation and shared our reasons for taking the class.

The next interesting one is Basic Reporting with Professor Lane, which I hope will rekindle my desire to practice journalism professionally.

The third and final one is C++ Programming, the most valuable lesson of which has been the idea that computers are actually really dumb creatures! To a robot, for example, an operation as simple as moving from Point A to Point B must be expressed as more than a hundred lines of code to its internal computer! My hope for the course is that it’ll show me what it’s like to be “in” the world of computing and programming, perhaps kindling a serious consideration of “computer technician” as a possible career.

Here’s to a good semester!

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