Middle School "Confessions"

In light of my misplacing my autobiography – hopefully that situation is soon remedied – here are some tidbits of my elementary/middle school experience.

  1. I had a run in with my elementary school principal in the fifth grade because a third grader (I think) mistook my “I’m putting you on the list” reprimand for a more serious one than it really was. Actually, I was a safety patrol and had been ordered to write down the names of kids who behaved badly in my sector. 
  2. I used to walk to school every now and then, a mile long trek from my house near Downtown Miami to the Little Havana neighborhood. My mom wouldn’t let me ride my bicycle to school; in retrospect, though, that would’ve been much practical
  3. I had a girlfriend the entirety of eighth grade, the same year that the administration thought it necessary to install security cameras in the stairwells – our preferred make out spot. Nothing ever occurred in those stairwells since, for me at least. 
  4. The last day of eight grade, juice boxes were being used as weapons, to some extent, in the second floor hallway after lunchtime. Some ne’er do well started the “juice fight” by squirting punch at someone. Minutes later, the tiled floor was littered with sticky sucrose. 
  5. The only reason I joined the Art Club for a few months during my eighth grade year was to appease my girlfriend, who loved art. Needless to say, I didn’t really progress much in the way of my artistic capabilities. 
  6. I trace the beginnings of my relationship with journalism and TV Production to the seventh grade, where I developed and was given the permission to broadcast my own five-minute variety show, featuring the weather report, offbeat news, interviews and musical talent. To this day, I’m surprised why I never recorded any of the shows, and why I never fathomed how incredible of an opportunity that was given my age. 
  7. I used to think staying after school was No Man’s Land – hence, I cherished doing so whenever I got the chance. 
Yeah, nothing too crazy. 

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