MDT launches weekend express service to Dolphin Mall


Miami Dade Transit Route 238 Weekend Express ran its first trip yesterday from the Miami International Airport Metrorail Station to Dolphin Mall and back along the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836).


The westbound trip departed the Airport Station at 11am as scheduled, reaching Dolphin Mall at 11:23am, before beginning the eastbound return trip at 11:25am and reaching the Airport Station at 11:45am.

The service runs only on weekends, departing from the Airport Station every hour from 11am to 7pm (westbound trips), and from Dolphin Mall every 25 to 27 minutes after the hour, also from 11am to 7pm (eastbound trips).

The route makes a stop in between its termini on NW 107 Ave and NW 14 St, serving Miami International Mall.

The route aims to cater to customers that want to get to the “giant malls … [of] western Doral” quickly on the weekends, without worrying about the long drive or the parking headaches that arise upon arriving at the mall.

Each one way trip costs $2.35, but customers transferring from the Metrorail only pay 85 cents provided they use the same EASY Card or EASY Ticket they used to pay their Metrorail  



The first run of the 238, westbound to Dolphin Mall, attracted a surprisingly large number of passengers, observed the Miami Dade Transit bus operator taking the 238 on its maiden voyage.

“I think it’s going to be a good service”, said the operator.

Customers seem to agree. Alberto, one of the passengers, who didn’t provide his full name because of his employment history with Miami Dade Transit, lauded the service as one of the best the system has developed.

It usually takes more than an hour to get here using routes 7 and 36B, commented Alberto in Spanish.

Route 7 runs from Government Center in Downtown Miami to Dolphin Mall along NW 7 ST but enters the Fountainebleau neighborhood for the latter part of its route.

Route 36B runs from Biscayne Blvd and NE 33 ST to Dolphin Mall but travels farther west to the Miami Dade College West Campus before arriving at the mall. Additionally, it does not run on weekends.

Both routes take an hour or longer to reach the mall from their eastern departure points. 

Route 238 service will resume December 1st. It is yet to be seen whether the route will attract its intended ridership.

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Some Vows

There’s some stuff I gotta vow to avoid doing before I’m able to do any of it, before I’m tempted.

I vow not to use future riches and future mobility to chase after people who are just fakes, men or women.

I vow to document our entire process of moving up the career ladder, whatever career that might end up being.

If it’s journalism, I vow, additionally, to write about what it’s like to be in student media at the college level, to counter the dearth of information currently available regarding what it’s like to be in student media at the college level.

I vow to keep my blog going.

Changed Spirit


November 4th, around 11:25pm
walking around outside
thinking about whether i’m estranged  from college in general
we want to feel like stuff is changing
like we’re going to be making money to carry ourselves at least a little higher
like we have some degree of steadiness
like we should dress fairly nice most of the time
go around feeling like a reporter/investigative soul with a business card
 like we should go eat at the Sandwich king on friday afternoons
also, pageviews definitely go up when we have provocative articles
add provocative images to that and we’ve got a winning blog!