Too Much Summertime

September 10th, 2012. Oh boy.

Elementary school kids, middle school kids, high school kids, and even college students never want their summers to be over. And when you consider their reasons why, it’s no surprise: who would say no to a life of relaxation, hanging with friends and sipping on ice-cold sodas by the pool?

Uh, me.

Yeah. As weird as it sounds, I can only take so much of summertime. And it’s not because I’m a nerd and I love school (although that is true). Rather, it’s because summer usually involves doing nothing, and I just can’t have that.

For me, being occupied isn’t just a way of keeping boredom away. Instead, it’s a form of engendering self-confidence, self-esteem; of assuring myself that I’m using my time wisely and for a purpose larger than myself. That being said, whatever I occupy myself with doesn’t have to involve anything extraordinary like flying to the moon or finding the Holy Grail.

It just has to be rewarding in some way.

P.S. awkward moment when you can’t find a Google Images image to suit your blog post, huh?

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