Free College

Indeed, it is a fair trade. A beautiful exchange,
in fact.

But I’ve got to occupy myself somehow, right? Indeed, I have. One of these occupations – from here on, dubbed, “Free College”, is quite inventive if I do say so myself.

For one, I’ve discovered both the feasibility and power of sitting in on college classes. August 20th (the first day of college for many of my friends) I accompanied my friend Jeannie to her ENC 1101 class. I didn’t want to just drop her off and leave, so I sat in on the class, actively participating for the duration of the hour.

When attendance was called, I just stayed shut and kept on like it was no one’s business.

While this method will get you into the room, it’s not feasible long-term: if you want to stay in the class and do the work, making friends with the professor is a must.

So that’s exactly what I did. I contacted two professors at another university campus that were teaching journalism-related classes I was interested in attending (Law  and Ethics, Intro to TV, Intro to Journalism, and News Literacy), divulged my intentions, and asked if I could essentially take their class for the fall semester. No credit is awarded, sure, but given the DACA-induced standby I’m in, it’s the closest thing to a college education possible at the moment.

So far, it’s worked out great! Now if only I had a university ID so I could go into the football games …

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