CN’s "Regular Show" + Gardening

The stars of the show and the groundskeepers
of its unnamed park. 

Any of you guys watch JG Quintel’s Regular Show on Cartoon Network? I must say, it’s one of the best cartoons I’ve watched in a while – and I never watch cartoons.

The natural tone of conversation between the two main characters, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby, is what’s got me hooked. And their occupation on the show – groundskeepers at the local park – has got me thinking.

I ponder on the environment a lot. I enjoy being outside (even in the “unbearable” Florida heat), I ride my bicycle everywhere, I enjoy invites to the local park, and so on. Why not try to land a job, internship, or otherwise an opportunity to do the same thing Mordecai and Rigby do?

Granted, the work will be much more difficult than it appears on the show. Driving the golf cart around the city just won’t cut it.

To test whether or not I can handle and enjoy the manual labor, I’ve taken to working on the garden back at my high school. Excepting the potentially arduous social task it can be to go back to where you came from, I’ve enjoyed the gardening work so far, which has involved mulching the flower plot and planting some wildflowers.

More on going back later, though.


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