“Antwone Fisher” / Difficult Situations


Film poster for Antwone Fisher
Film poster for Antwone Fisher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Film poster for Antwone Fisher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a difficult situation when a child‘s caretaker is its foremost bully. Because unless malnourishment or exile from living quarters is the case, at the end of the day, however disrespected or belittled, that adult gives the child a home and a meal everyday. It’s not a situation you can run away from easily because it’s not like you have another place to go. And if you do, it’s likely less hospitable than the one the child is presently in.

So it’s a difficult situation, is what it is. Of course, the effect of such an upbringing on a child is anything but positive.

But Antwone Fisher, a 2002 film, shows that rugged characters can defy these odds and grow to become respectable men and women that carry on day-to-day with these harrowing tales kept secret from the public eye.

It’s remarkable to be able to see someone surpass themselves in such a way, but not with regards to their achievements despite trauma; instead, more so their developed ability to speak, albeit uncomfortably, of their childhood experiences.

That kind of development occurs in Antwone Fisher and – cinematographical review aside – it’s incredible to see it on film. The movie definitely wanted to and did concentrate on the actions and thought processes of Antwone and the reactions of his military shrink. They form a duo of sorts that communicates the arduous nature of Antwone’s self-discovery immaculately and emotionally.

It’s truly a treat to watch. If only Antwone’s story wouldn’t have been true.

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