"I guess movie critics are heartless souls"

Réalisation d'un film
Réalisation d’un film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To review movies takes skill, one that I feel like I’m developing, but that I definitely don’t have fully under my wing yet.

I read such witty, sarcastic, and wry reviews of films that receive much lower scores than I thought they’d receive. This makes me feel like I am naive when it comes to criticizing movies, like I award positive words to films that apparently don’t deserve it.

That characteristic of movie reviews has made me become such a pessimist when I watch a movie I have to review. I go in looking for flaws as opposed to the looking for what’s been done right.

But the fact that I have been impressed by apparently half-baked efforts of filmmaking is a testament to not just my naivete but also a nod to the human impact of successful editing. Often, the scenes that create the most emotion in a film’s viewers do not feature award-winning dialogue or incredible camera work. Rather, they’re simple shots of an enamoring actor’s solemn face, often littered with tears (or about to be), set to an overdramatic, preferably instrumental music track. These elements combine to produce lasting dramatic impact on the human viewer, somehow.

So when you watch a movie and you get so easily taken aback by such scenes, it’s no wonder I always feel so right about the reaction I write to a movie. But I guess movie critics are heartless souls.

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