Florida Renaissance Festival takes eventgoers back in time

What better way to spend a brisk weekend than traveling back in time to an era where knights jousted to the death, archery was in full swing, and everyone walking the streets dressed in rustic garb, whether they were a pirate, a queen, a soldier, or even a cleaning lady.

Such is the spirit of the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach.

Walking the streets of this mystic town, with jesters and King Ferdinand and the Queen walking the streets along with the commoners, with most everyone addressing one another in old-time speak, makes for an ethereal journey into an era lost to history.

The personalities parading the town are unlike any other. Here, the King’s soldiers engage in a jousting tournament of life and death, you can witness a glass blower forming wonderful creations with unmatched skill, you can laugh at the jester’s colorful garb and humorous stories, you can stand in awe as the champions of the sword fighting tournament go for their final round in the ring, and you can appreciate actors delivering a marvelous, satirical take on the classic Macbeth.

The effort the creators of the Renaissance Festival and its participants have put into recreating the feel of a 1500s Medieval town is incredible. Best of all, the public can freely participate in this same creative drive by dressing up in an old-time costume of their choice, from pirate outfits to corsets for the ladies and more.

While each show and performance is meticulously scripted and coordinated in order to reflect its historical counterpart, it is the walk through the town, witnessing the spectacular characters that parade its streets, that is most fulfilling.

There is even a psychotic woman who swears she is leading her pet dragon around by carrying nothing but a large bone on a rope.

The festival goes on through March 11, every weekend day from 10 a.m. to sunset, including President’s Day.

See http://www.ren-fest.com for more information. 


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