Summer 2011 | Update 3 | The Bicycle

Some shots from the adventures this Summer 2011 so far.     

Several articles ago, I wrote about how I used to think that taking pictures of events or times with friends or places you go was a girly thing. During middle and elementary school, it was always the girls posing for pictures or wanting to take pictures of each other or of themselves or of anything, never the boys, and if it was the boys, they kept their photo shoots to a single group shot wearing sterotypical smiles instead of wasting the whole roll of 24 exposures. But little did we, little did I know, that the girls were actually doing something pretty smart – documenting their lives! Who knew anyone would be interested in what was going on right now, however mundane? Bloggers certainly are, and now I’m one of them.

As you can tell, I’ve actually been taking pictures this summer, and I’m glad I have. A couple of nights ago began a revamped infatuation with my bicycle. I was at a friend’s house eating crap, and it was getting late. I was gonna take the bus back home, but instead of doing the usual, I got on my bike (which I’d brought with me) and ended up cycling the way back home. I was even able to stop and get some pizza along the way. That night – late night, actually; I didn’t get back until about 9:30p – marked the first self-sufficient trip I’d gone on so far. I rode all the way to my destination, and then I rode all the way back. A beautiful feeling of independence, liberty, peace. Sweat, too.

I also came to realize that night riders seem to share a subtle bond. Even though I kept my ears busy with the sounds of my MP3s – which I probably shouldn’t be listening to if I’m biking through the streets late at night – I managed to make friends with another guy on his bike, a young bespectacled fellow seemingly riding home from work, without saying a word and exchanging nothing but a passing glance when we crossed an intersection together. Yet we both participated in a feel-good friendship for a good twenty-five minutes thereafter as we both careened down Bird Road on a thinner-than-rails sidewalk, both recognizing the other’s struggle against a car-abundant society with sublime understanding.

Despite my ability to log lots of base miles on bike, my physical ability is otherwise quite lacking. I’m taking PE online at the moment – loving it? – and even the measly ten push ups exercise in the first module proved a challenge.

Work on the Journalism Year continues. At the moment I’m trying to reorganize my academic plans for the forthcoming year in order to make more time for the class. Also hoping to get some academic recognition for my efforts as well.

Saw Green Lantern  a couple of days ago with friends! Great film. Also, will start an internship at Miami Today, a community publication, this Friday. Will post again then.

Anybody wanna hang out meanwhile?


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