Summer 2011 | Update 2 | Boredom

My 100th post! How exciting. Here’s to summertime fun! 

Summertime limbo, when excessive, can have disastrous results. When moderated, it can actually help out a lot. So far, it’s helped out a lot.

I remember last summer, by around the fifth, sixth day (today, if I’m not mistaken; i started June 9th, last Thursday), I was bored and it was becoming a problem. I couldn’t live with myself at home. For one, I didn’t have Internet for about three weeks, which – “knock on wood”, as my friend Jackie taught me – is really a lifesaver. Not necessarily because I live off Facebook and Youtube but because … OK, maybe. Also, I had to take care of my sister at home, so I couldn’t bike out of my apartment, either.

But back to the Internet thing. Even if you’re not an avid Facebooker, the Internet lets you look stuff up and get ideas for projects, things you want to do, places you want to visit … and that’s exactly what it’s done over the past few days.

I’ve gotten very much into biking. I ride my road bike, my dad’s mountain bike or my mom’s mountain bike all around town. So, if I love it so much, I figured, why not compete? Not to win, but just for the thrill. So I looked up some races and, sure enough, there’s a BMX track down the street from my house (well, about an hour down the street from my house) as well as a mountain biking trail in both a state and local park a few miles from here. I plan on participating in La Roootaaa #5, a mountain biking challenge at Oleta State Park in North Miami Beach, Florida. I also found out about a communal biking event in Downtown Miami, called Critical Mass, and happening later this month ( Perhaps also one this Saturday (Jun. 18) in the Grove (

The cover for The Journalism Year, a handbook that’ll contain all course material and misc. writings. 

Of course, I’m still trying to keep myself academically tuned. I’m taking required physical education courses on Florida Virtual School, I’ve acknowledged the due dates for the summer assignments for my senior year classes, and I’m thinking, every other brain fart, about the ultimate project for this upcoming year – the journalism course. I’ll be drafting lesson plans and such throughout the summer.

Back to it!

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