Summer 2011 | Update 1 | Rocky Beginnings

 This post marks my hopefully successful attempt at keeping a little log of my adventures and thoughts as they occur throughout Summer 2011. I’ll try to be brief yet descriptive, although the briefer i am the more likely I am to keep this up. Enjoy!

So summer 2011 is here! The last four days of school started this past Monday, and for me it was one of the most frantic weeks in the school year, believe it or not! I was wrapping up editing on A Serpent’s Tale, my documentary work this year about my school’s Band, Color Guard and Orchestra; their performances, exploits and everything else in between (see the website at; the film is still being sold so it won’t be uploaded on for a while but you can see interviews, bonus features, etc.) 

The cover for A Serpent’s Tale, the 2011 Tomás at Large documentary.

By Thursday, however, I was free. Out and about with my two best friends, Mirald and Dr. Lopez, we delighted in some Chinese buffet before parting ways afterschool. Oh, and I also almost lost my bike to the public transportation system as I unwittingly left it on the front bike carrier while I calmly got off the train. Had it not been for Mr. Lopez’s incredibly amazing running speed – and a lucky red light – one of my favorite posessions would’ve been long gone.

Friday ensued with … damn it, I can’t remember.

See, that’s what really sours my soup. If you attempt to do as many things as possible every single day, and succeed, then you end up saying, “Hell, I’m so tired; I’ll just record what I did today tomorrow.” If only one would realize that this innocent postponing becomes a snowball that leaves you without a memory of a day’s exploits sooner than you think.

Saturday I went to take the ACT at Coral Gables Senior High in Coral Gables, Miami, FL (in case you’re not local). I rode my 1997 Schwinn Searcher Express over there; made it in less than 30 mins. from about six miles away. After the test, I rode to a friend’s house, then another friend’s house, then I got a flat. Ended up getting picked up by my parents, but it’s all right.

U.S. Route 1, the host of many of my bicycle adventures. 

Sunday I finished editing a video of a friend of mine’s party, set to Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” and replete with quick shots and a flashy slideshow while my parents went shopping for a new bicycle tube; not for my bicycle, but for my dad’s mountain bike.

Monday, a given degree of disaster struck. The hard drive on which the finished video still is had a transistor blown on the circuit board. I looked up remedies online and ended up riding about 30 miles around town on the mountain bike looking for some much needed tools. To no avail however. I also went to pick up my sister from the local park’s summer tennis camp.

Fast forward to today, Tuesday, and I’m stuck trying to find either a new circuit board or a tape deck to capture the party video again. I also had my welcome call today for one out of two physical education courses I’m taking on Florida Virtual School.

So far, it’s been a fun summer. Much lies ahead, however, and I haven’t even listed my thoughts yet! But to keep these short, I’ll mention those as well as any new summertime developments in other posts. 

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