Memory of Procrastinating

┬áSo it’s 2 AM in the morning, and I’m working on an AP Biology review packet that spans about 30 pages and is due tomorrow by about 12:30 pm. Assigned 2 weeks ago, I’ve been given plentiful amounts of time in class to work on it, yet when I started working on it earlier this afternoon, I was by Chapter 3 of 18. In addition to this, I also need to finish correcting a set of math exams; this is due first thing, 7:00 AM today (so in a few).

I’m trying to satiate my nerves by expressing my thoughts on paper – well, on screen I should say – but the thought that keeps resurfacing as I constantly reassess the amount of work I still have left is how we think of past episodes of procrastination. Nearly all my AP Biology friends are probably doing the same thing now, so it’s not like procrastination is only for the lazy. Why does it happen? When we reminisce upon episodes of past procrastination success stories (as I hope tonight will be), how do we feel towards them? I feel instantly thankful that I’m not in that situation; in fact, a fright of being in the situation suddenly comes over me, as if being in the situation would be an inhumane condition to be in.

So if emotions after the fact are so strong – what keeps me, what keeps us, coming back?