Found this on the net; probably from several classes ago. 
I’m sitting here in the backseat of the family car, writing a blog post on an underpowered yet undeniably reliable Pentium II laptop. The monitor is dimmer than dusk, the eraserhead is uncomfortable like my sister’s computer chair … it’s a work of art. Besides it being enough of a novelty to be able to blog whilst on the road – that road being a very long one on the way back from an extended children’s birthday party – what I’m thinking about is also something quite newfound. I wrote a post, some time ago, about the importance of documentation throughout our lives, in the form of in-your-face candids that girls can output so quickly, easily, effortlessly. Well, building on that ideal, I went ahead and wrote a preliminary draft about my blog. Now standing at 80-some posts – counting this one – it’s without a doubt a window into my former self. That “former self” being one that’s so drastically different from the one now with only two or three years in the middle.
It’s different in a plethora of ways.  Now that I have this ancient laptop in front of me and surprisingly, it’s holding a charge I’ll mention one small difference by talking about this upcoming week.
It’s Homecoming Week at South Miami High – our homecoming football match against our athletic rival happening this Thursday – and despite the fact that I have a Biology test on Thursday, a news report to finish for TV, and a cavalcade of other things that never seem to stop rolling in … I couldn’t be more excited.
Just this year, I realized the social, psychological prowess of high school football games. Not being a sportsman, or rather, one who likes football, I’d been putting off going to a football game since my freshman year, ignoring the stereotype painted by cheesy 80s era high school movies of worthwhile football games that served as seasonal get-togethers for the best of friends. Well, luckily, thanks to my filming the Band, I’ve been attending almost every football game this year so far (well at least the home games). And in ways that can only be provoked by the most thrilling of outings, I genuinely get excited at the prospect of being a spectator at a football game. I mean; sure, half the reason why is because I get to do what I love by filming the Band’s halftime and stand-side performances, thus exercising my nascent camera skills … but I’ve discovered something else in football games that may just be that social prowess so eagerly advertised by every other attendant since freshman year. When our team wins – not an event bound to happen often, unfortunately – there’s a sense of pride and victory that, even though you might not like football, you involuntarily share with both the varsity football team breaking sweat and tears out on the field, but also with the cheerleaders on the stands, with the security guards at the gate, with the Band on the field at halftime, and most importantly, with your dear friends that have taken time out of their schedules to attend this community event. It’s something I’ve never experienced. Never before have I shared such a sensation with so many people.
That sensation being one of sports-related pride. When I’m on the halftime field, looking towards the home side stands, gawking at the amazing turnout, I feel unmatched felicity in being able to say, “Go Cobras”. Here’s to the Homecoming Game!

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