Week/end of Morality – Part 1

Hey guys! Golly, gee, I feel that I should tell you how my junior year’s started off! So I will!

This past week has been quite the week. All new teachers, with the exception of my TV Production teacher (a class that I now have in the morning instead of in the afternoon, which I’m still undecided over whether it’s better or not); all new people, since I share my new classes with new classmates this year; and classes that are Advanced Placement level!

This last characteristic of my junior year classes; I should stress, seeing as it’s caused some important “life” changes. Mainly, a rigid schedule that I developed (and took a good amount of time to do so) well before school started.

It basically says, “wake up at 6:00 AM, go to school until 2:20, come back home by around 3:00, eat and nap until 5:00, do homework and everything you gotta do, including eating and chores, from 5:00 to 10:30, and be asleep by 11:00 PM.”

But the most interestingly constructed portion of it is that big span of time from 6:30 AM to 2:20 PM! Let me tell ya about it.

OK, so I wake up at 6:00 AM and between bells and whistles, by about 6:30 – 6:45 I’m at school. Now, of course, besides eating the free, school-provided breakfast, you’re pretty much free to do absolutely anything you want during the time between my arrival at school and 7:20 AM.

You could do homework, you could talk to friends, you could make out on the staircase, you could talk with your teachers, you can go to the library, you could buy a drink, you could make a baby … well, OK, maybe that’s going too far.

Hey, don’t give me that face! Don’t tell me you didn’t think about these things when YOU were in high school!

But my point is, the majority of the eight or so hours that I’m at school has been fitted with a tight, merciless schedule – 7:20 to 9:20 AM, first period; 9:20 to 11:20, third period; and so on. But that small, teensy-weensy hour or so that takes place before school commences at 7:20, has been left completely unattended!

Taking 3 AP classes, and having to balance that with being the videographer for the school band, a secretary on the district student government association, and being part of a community service club, it would be the death of me if even this small hour were not assigned some particular purpose.

So, I went ahead and decided to assign specific tasks that must be carried out during this period, as well as the midday lunch period – an even smaller, half-hour period that’s also been left terribly negated, and a period in which some of the craziest things can happen. I can’t just go out and experience these breaks without a clear mission! So I began to think – what things do I not accomplish during the rest of my day that I could possibly do during these misguided time slots? Let’s see … well, the rest of the eight hours in school, I can’t really do much about since it’s all reserved for five different classes. The time between dismissal and starting my homework … well, I’m not touching that! I gotta nap! And then, the time between 5:00 and 10:30 PM, that set aside for homework … well, it’s homework time!

Then I had an epiphany, and realized that those small half-hour to hour periods before and during school were to serve as the great social hours of the week! Thus, I made it clear one summer afternoon when I was pacing around my house, talking to meself, working out this fine daily itinerary – in the morning, and during lunch, I need to completely let myself go and partake in as much social activity and interaction as possible.

That means: flirt with girls, talk with friends, attempt to get girls, talk with friends, be frustrated over girls, talk to friends, meet with teachers, look at the sky, walk the halls, help/mock the freshmen, tie my shoe … oh yeah, and I have to eat too, cause if I don’t … well, I might die, Doctor. I mean, it’s either doing all this during the morning and lunch … or like, working at Smoothie King, so …

to be continued in Part 2 …

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