Cisco, Desk’s Livelihood on Day Ten

What makes a desk?

This is unfortunately not my desk.

For me, personally, my wobbly, fake-wood, fake-metal, scratched up, mayonnaised-on desk is my livelihood!

In essence, the little corner where this and a second glass desk sit, represent my little office. “I work here,” I say, as I sit down in my trusty reclinign chair and start either working on a term paper or hooking up some Silent Hill 2 or just browsing the Internet for videos of peoples’ game rooms.

But my desk isn’t without its inconveniences. I mean, yeah, it’s a little banged up and it has to support an overly heavy Dell 17″ CRT, but there’s one thing – just one thing that really brings my chicken nuggets out to the feeding yard: IT WOBBLES. Do you understand how absolutely inconsiderate and in-respectful and in-friendly (yes, I know that’s not how you spell those words) it is for my desk to have the nerve and take the liberty – the AUDACITY – to wobble vigorously left and right when I’m viciously erasing something from my homework? Like, what happened to enterprise and customer satisfaction – what happened to love and peace?! It’s all gone! ALL of it! All because one little 20 dollar desk supporting a ridicuslosuly heavy monitor from the 1990s decides to wobble left and right when the action becomes too much to handle.

Like, are you serious? I build computers on this desk, I sign contracts at this desk! You can’t do this to me, Daphne!

But anyway, despite its misconduct towards my person, I will be rewarding the desk this summer with a phone along the lines of the Cisco IP Phone 7970.

Actually, no, I’m gonna get this phone and put it on the glass desk instead. Daphne doesn’t deserve such luxury.
Though on second thought, that’s a lie too. This Cisco IP Phone is the absolute most awesome thing I’ve ever used in my history of using telephones. It’s AMAZING! It comes decked out in exciting gray and black, with a touchscreen display (touchscreen on a phone! WOW!), customizable settings for speaker and earpiece volume – everything! And the best thing is, I haven’t even penetrated the repository of things that this phone can do. It has voicemail, internet services, a boatload of buttons. It’s powered by two ethernet cables, which is enough of a landmark in my opinion.

But perhaps the best thing is that it’s allowed me to do so much. I sit next to this phone everyday, as I attend what is one of the best experiences yet – the Miami Montage 2010 Workshop. I’ve been given the chance to practice my journalism skills, which I haven’t been able to practice before. I’ve been given the chance to combine research with interviews, to bring together technology with the ages-old art of writing. I’ve been given the chance of a lifetime, and it’s absolutely great. Now I’m off to touch this phone some more.

So why am I lying about getting this phone? Because there’s no way I’d be able to afford this beauty I have sitting right next to me. I’ll buy something similar. I want to be just like that guy in “The Insider”, who has an awesome phone too, even though it’s undeniably 90s. He has an undeniably non-wobbly desk too – what a lucky guy!


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