Thoughts During Summer 2010

2:52 AM, my room

It’s in moments of great inactivity, it seems, that one has their brightest, and deadliest, ideas. Last summer, my boredom was enough to catalyze what would’ve otherwise been a disastrous break-up between me and two of the best friends I’ve had to date.

This summer, my excitement is enough to keep me awake during moments of inactivity. Excitement about what? Well, about everything I could do that needs doing.

A documentary titled “the Sophomore Slump”, that needs to be finished (I’ll be resuming work this weekend when I get a new heatsink/fan for my heat-inducing CPU), a Russian exchange student I could be spending time with, a Chili’s or McDonald’s tea party I could be hosting, PSP and PS2 games I could be playing (halted at the moment by a 2GB Memory Stick on the PSP – I need at least a 16GB to be able to store a proper amount of games and music – as well as by a PS2 that unfortunately broke down after nearly nine to ten years of faithful service), a bike I could be riding, a video game system I could be working on (titled Daphne VGS (Video Game System); details coming up soon), two or three AP summer assignments I could be working on, a premiere party I could be organizing for the documentary – in essence, summer adventures I could be having.

Summer is a very dangerous time, thus, for teenagers. Because it’s essentially a time you have to make yourself. School provides an itinerary that too many teenagers aren’t able to develop during the summer – sure it involves sitting in class for 2 or more hours (less if you’re lucky) but it incontrovertibly provides a sense of direction that can be very difficult to forge during summer. If you don’t have a good set of activities to embark upon, you might be bored in your house to the point of mental rotting. On the other hand, too many activities and you might be doubly frustrated when you realize you can’t be doing them all. Hell, when you have too many activities, the smallest period of inactivity makes you anxious because you know you should be getting ahead on that stuff you plan to do.

It’s 3:00 AM, now, and what am I doing? None of the things described above! Why? Well, because … I don’t know why. I do know, however, that excitement and anticipation for all those activities I listed is only building up more and more as my body naturally calls for sleep, for some ZZZs. I’m gonna go try to satisfy its needs.

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