Her Spirit

I’m writing this in appreciation of what one human being can do for another. May this inspire people my age. 

I have a very quirky friend that goes by the name of Amy. She’s a small girl for her age – a sophomore in high school – with wonderful green eyes, a spontaneous demeanor, and long hair with conspicuously blonde highlights. She likes to jump around and say random things, like “Hello!” and “Weeeee!” and “I’m gonna stick it up YOUR ass!” in a manner worhty of putting in a Disney commercial; how cute it is. You talk to her and it’s like talking to kid in elementary school – but she’s smart, let me tell ya. In fact, her personality might as well be as complex as cracking the code to a bank’s money safe. She’s an odd apple – but a wonderfully eclectic and frisky (not sexually, boys) one at that. 

There’s only one thing – she’s only become this way as of recent. How was she before? The same way – only difference was that that darling energy and hyperactivity was hidden and sealed away beyond some invisible door. In fact, even though I knew she was like this in reality, it was only a few days ago that I noticed this sudden change for the best, this sudden explosion of what I figured to be repressed energy. It was at my school’s drama show. She’d been at band rehearsals, I think, until about five in the afternoon, and the show was at seven. Why not stay for it, right? After all, the Drama magnet at our school always produces amazing performances. It was definitely worth the five dollar admission, I must say. She likely thought the same thing, prompting her to stay an additional four or five hours (’til about ten thirty) after her band rehearsals.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Oh, tangents.

I was filming an interview after school, and so by the time me and the interviewee were done with our session, it was time for the drama show. We’d made plans to attend it for the same aforementioned reasons, and so after I met up with my other friends attending the show, I saw Amy. Immediately, i was surprised by a new wave of “spunkiness” that’d swept over her. She didn’t just say hi, she sprang into action – literally – when me and my friends (also in Band with her) encountered her. This behavior continued through the night – during the show, whose audience got progressively boisterous as the performances got better and the clock kept ticking, my Band friends and I would applaud and cheer unnecessarily loud after each performance, which prompted Amy to continuously turn around and jokingly scream out English delicacies at us (we were sitting behind her). After the show, when it was ten thirty at night and we were all tired from an overly long day at school, she was the only one still jumping around and essentially doing cartwheels on the entrance steps.

Was she like this before? Why sure she was … but there was a noticeable bit of extra spontaneity that’d become evident only as of recent. You know when you see someone, and it only takes a few minutes of conversation to realize that they’ve changed? That they’ve become noticeably happier, lighter in their step, higher in their jump, faster in their sprint? When they’ve transformed from a happy, fulfilled member of society, to a happy, fulfilled, energetic, optimistic, independent leader from society? Why did Amy suddenly turn this way? How’d she exponentially energize herself?

I think the answer is that she’s found someone to trust, someone that makes her happy and provides her with unconditional positive regard. Her family and relatives of course provide her with this – but in adolescence, it’s even better when someone like a boyfriend provides you this.

Yes – Amy has a new boyfriend, and his effect on her life couldn’t have been more evident than during the night of the Drama show. I tip off my hat to you, Mr. Gold – you’ve done a wonderful little girl, a great humanitarian service. Good job. I’m happy for both of you guys. May love and happiness be with you forever.

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