For My Friends

Gift bag holding treasures inside! A good reminder of a beautiful afternoon.
There’s no other way I can possibly express my utter amazement at what my friends did for me today other than by telling you the story.

A while ago, I was hot on the tail of a very beautiful – both inside and out – girl that I’d had my eye on for quite a while. It was a windy day outside and I’d been called to film a DFYIT demonstration (DFYIT is an anti-drug use organization at my school). I got my camera from my trusty blue Transit bag and began to film the activity, continuing throughout the entirety of lunch. I then met up with the girl of my obsession at the time, and had completely forgotten about my blue bag that I’d left in the middle of the cafeteria courtyard. By the time lunch was over and I returned looking for my bag, my bag was there, luckily – with my teacher’s lavaliere microphones and my personal camera intact.

But what wasn’t there? A PSP-1000, that one of my friends had very nicely lent me, as well as a pair of headphones from the school studio. My day had turned to the worst day I’d had in a while. Not only were two of my favorite possessions stolen, my efforts with the girl I was attracted to also weren’t flying very high in the sky. It was a very low point, and looking for some emotional relief, I told my closest friends about my misfortune.

About a week later, I sit in TV Production class before the teacher and the rest of my classmates, as one of my best friends takes a seat on the other side of the classroom, where the teacher usually sits. This is a natural phenomenon; often the director for our newscast, which we produce on a daily basis, takes a seat there in preparation for the imminent pre-production meeting that takes place directly after our teacher takes attendance. The odd thing was that this best friend of mine isn’t director for our newscast – she’s the Entertainment host, often also an actress in our Word Jeannie skits. There was something going on, especially when my teacher began weakling around the class with a smile on his face, talking about good people, friendship, dedication – all that nice stuff.

I muttered to my nearest classmates – “what’s going on?” And before I knew it, I’d heard the words “new PSP” as I saw a blue gift bag being brought towards my desk. Immediately I knew what was going on – and I couldn’t have felt happier. My friend had rallied the monetary support of all the students in our TV Production class, and students outside our class, too – taking small donations from everyone – and used it to purchase a new PSP-2001 (a step up from the previous model I had), complete with an official Sony PSP charger and a beautiful card saying how someone that often made everyone else’s day better should be helped out on what he considered one of his worst days in a long time.

Not only am I glad to have a new PSP in my bag (which I’m now taking care not to leave lying around, trust me), but I’m also glad to have a new wave of fulfillment and happiness swept over me. When I realized what was going on, I struggled to come to terms with the outburst of insight that’d come over me – that I was fortunate, lucky, blessed to have the friends I have. I’ve always thought this regardless, though – I’m surrounded by loving, caring people on a daily basis, and today’s gift was only more proof.

It was a friendly gesture – but as big as gestures get. To my friends and everyone who helped out; to my one friend that came up with the idea – you’re wonderful people, and I cannot express my gratitude in only words.

With hope, I can express it by continuing to be your loving friend. I’m indebted to you all.

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