Thoughts on Journalism

 I’ve found my interest in journalism through a world very, very close to me – my own. The latest post reads – “Car bomb scares Times Square”; below it, “Oil spill grows”; next, “GOP expands political playing field”. These are the hard-hitting, globe-spanning newsworthy pieces that earn a spot on the home page – they talk about political and military activity that rules the world with an iron fist and decides everything from the fate of a nation to the price on milk at the local grocery store. Journalism is documentation, because it’s the term “newsworthy” that decides who and what it’s informing. 

I’ve taken it and essentially ported the influence and hard-hitting nature of global news to my teenage life, where a heartfelt conversation with a friend about our plans for summer vacation earns an honorary tribute on my personal blog, where my Chemistry class’ biofuel project earns a ten-minute documentary, where the slump of my sophomore year earns a full-fledged film. I’ve learned – and hopefully I’m correct – that journalism is essentially a personal diary for the whole wide world. And I’m ready to start writing for that world – just figured I’d practice writing for myself first.

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