What’s Everyone’s Weakness?

Why is it that I’m most inspired to write whenever I’m a little blue?

This isn’t always true, but it’s never false either. Is it a human condition, or is it a characteristic of self? For long, I’ve prided myself on being genuinely happy and joyous the majority of the time, and so perhaps it’s this optimistic outlook of mine that contrasts with the few times I can’t keep up with it, and results in distress. That’s one of my weaknesses. But perhaps even weaker is the cause of it.

Friends are seen publicly, but things between friends are private. For that reason, I strive not to blame my few blue moods on my friends, or something that’s occurred with or amongst my friends. I’d be the worst kind of frustrated person possible – the kind that does not appreciate love, tenderness, the company of friends. But what is one to do when the cause is inevitably that?

I hold it a constant that I was conceivably bullied often in elementary school, but I try to not say it much for fear of placing myself in the position of a victim. It’s not like I was ever in a fight; I was simply subject to what I now hope were the insecurities of the bullies that acted against me. After all, aren’t we told that he (or she) who does wrong against others is only doing so because of his or her insecurities? But then, when our own friends – people we trust to be infallible supporting agents of our integrity and composure – conspicuously cause us distress, what are we to do? If we dismiss their verbal attacks as byproducts of their insecurities, are we correctly addressing shortcomings in our friends, or are we rebelling childishly against people that are simply trying to help us? Are we ignoring words of bullies – words we shouldn’t heed anyway – or are we being bullies to our own friends by rejecting their unbelievably invaluable help?

In other words – how do we know who’s right? When a friend criticizes one of your weaknesses, should you disregard it or understand that you’re a lesser person that should heed their words of wisdom? Who’s the one with the weakness? Who is the wise sensei, and who is the unintelligent pupil? Are both of us – we and our friends – all souls looking to come full circle in their lives, finding strength in criticizing other’s weaknesses and in the process ignoring our own, only to be treated the same way by yet another soul in the same state? Are some of us strong, and others weak? Are we all just kids disrespectful of both others’ and our weaknesses? Or are we all terribly in need of counseling? Are we all just being mean to each other? Are we misbehaving? Can’t we all just get along?!

Next time your own friends are causing you frustration – forget about it, and instead of dwelling on who’s right and who’s not (like I’m doing) be the noble knight and give them a hug. And if they don’t want it – if your eccentric female friend kicks you upon your attempt, for example – 
certainly don’t give them your money when they start reminding you about all the money you owe them. 

Just hold on. And eat a mayo bagel!

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