JAMA for a Doc Film


Quick update, because I feel I need to write this down somewhere.

I began working on a documentary that was originally just a little video between my close friends, but that has now – in pre-production at least – exploded into a much larger idea. I want to make a documentary using random pieces of footage that I take whenever I take my camera to school (which is often) that exemplifies student life, but also common student troubles, preoccupations, etc. I want to capture what kids think about different things; funny stuff, trips, falls, and bad words are welcome. In essence, I want to capture within the container that is a documentary film, the state of life for me and my friends right now. I want to capture and preserve that, because it’s unique, and it’s definitely documentary-worthy, at least in my opinion; certainly for a first documentary, when one of the biggest tips is finding a topic that you like, that you think is worth it, that you’re passionate about, that you’re comfortable with. All that, this topic meets.

It’ll be completely unscripted and completion will depend on the kinds of footage I get. In other words, the idea is not to make the footage happen; I can’t direct the film, in a sense – it has to happen by itself, you know? So, I would compose it from whatever footage I get and complete it by whatever date is necessary.

The working title so far is “JAMA”.

Thanks, and hope you like the idea!


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