Party in Wonderland (Christine’s 16s)

“Party in Wonderland” is a music video of my friend Christine’s sixteenth birthday party. Set to Ke$ha’s new TiK ToK, the high-effects, fast-paced, souped-up editing in this video makes it one of my best in terms of editing achievements. Happy birthday, Christine!

No copyright infringement intended, see video for information.

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JAMA for a Doc Film


Quick update, because I feel I need to write this down somewhere.

I began working on a documentary that was originally just a little video between my close friends, but that has now – in pre-production at least – exploded into a much larger idea. I want to make a documentary using random pieces of footage that I take whenever I take my camera to school (which is often) that exemplifies student life, but also common student troubles, preoccupations, etc. I want to capture what kids think about different things; funny stuff, trips, falls, and bad words are welcome. In essence, I want to capture within the container that is a documentary film, the state of life for me and my friends right now. I want to capture and preserve that, because it’s unique, and it’s definitely documentary-worthy, at least in my opinion; certainly for a first documentary, when one of the biggest tips is finding a topic that you like, that you think is worth it, that you’re passionate about, that you’re comfortable with. All that, this topic meets.

It’ll be completely unscripted and completion will depend on the kinds of footage I get. In other words, the idea is not to make the footage happen; I can’t direct the film, in a sense – it has to happen by itself, you know? So, I would compose it from whatever footage I get and complete it by whatever date is necessary.

The working title so far is “JAMA”.

Thanks, and hope you like the idea!

Reflections of Self

Two months ago, as I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, I was assigned an autobiography that I very intelligently left ’til the last minute. So, last night I stayed up ’til late and completely ignored my human need for sleep to finish the autobiography. And while the passion I felt cramming so heavily in a single night was unmatched – the fact that I had to abridge my autobiography to be able to finish it tells me something.

For one, it tells me that the thoughts that did make it on the autobiography must’ve been troubling enough to have been cohesively occupying my mind in such a hurried way of working.

It also tells me that I shouldn’t procrastinate!

But more importantly, it tells me that there’s a lot of story to tell.

And I’ve noticed that the reason why that is isn’t because I’ve been through a lot, it isn’t because I repeat myself; none of that. Instead it’s because of what happened in 8th grade … when I became, almost as if by the full turn of a mirror on a swivel, a doubly more conscious and appreciative person in terms of memories. In terms of valuing friendships and outings and in terms of wanting to slow time down.

Thus, the first eleven pages of the autobiography, where I talk about my early childhood in Argentina, serves as the only unabridged portion of my autobiography, mainly because I had actually taken the time to write that portion instead of leaving it for the day before, as I did with the rest of the autobiography.

In other words, this first chapter represents the way I would’ve liked to finish my autobio … stopping to analyze the meaning of almost every little memory, attempting to find trends, trying to figure out what was going through my mind as a toddler, as a first grader, as an innocent child not knowing that there was more of the world beyond the boundaries of my house, the ranch in the countryside, Downtown, and my grandma’s house.

My analytical, nostalgic self – as I am now – was the agent behind the lengthening of my autobiography, as well as the reason why I had to abridge it to finish it. If I weren’t this way, I could’ve easily written the autobiography in a single afternoon even – as I did in 7th grade, when I was assigned the same assignment.

To me, as a child, the world was much smaller than I now recognize it is … and I also had less worries.

Now, I’ve become increasingly worried with preserving the past and understanding the present – all while looking forward towards the future. Whether that’s a good thing or not … I still have to figure out.

As far as my autobiography goes … the abridged version I wrote as a way to get a grade to save my current A average serves more as a reminder of my procrastination during sophomore year, as well as an arbitrary selection of memories that constituted my train of thought on that cram night, than a real autobiography.

The guilt I feel in not having written about too many things is … troubling.

I want my autobiography to be a complete authority of my life … at least, as complete as it can be at the age of fifteen.

And so, I will be finishing my autobiography, calling it the 2nd Edition of the same. As a favor to my friends, my family, me … and my memories – the starring characters of my autobio.