Friends, New and Old, Collide (Thinking about the Future)

I recently made a new friend whom, despite our brief time talking to one another (and ever briefer actually seeing one another), I’ve already picked out to be a very adventurous and outgoing person. I love people like that, because they really take things like “Live your life to the fullest” to heart! All that “life’s too short, so enjoy it while you can” business is the heart of their lives.

As is likely a popular prospect amongst teenagers, the age where you can start driving comes soon, and the day you get your car; sometimes even sooner. For my new friend, this is the case – from now on, let’s call her Miss America – she’s going to be able to start driving by the first months of 2010. I mentioned to her how momentous an occasion this is , not just for her, but for anyone in the same boat. I’ve always seen driving as being the first expression of adulthood, and one of the catalysts behind being deported from childhood! Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see driving as an adolescent activity, despite the fact that most people start driving individually before they’re 20. In my opinion, adolescence is a confusing holding stage for those leaving their childhood yet struggling into adulthood.

So anyway, I told her all this, and I was met with a belittling response – “So?” I’ve been met with the response too many times to be offended or anything, and my opinion is strong enough to withstand it. Miss America and I were talking about how she would drive her friends places, and how she wouldn’t have to bother her parents to go out to the mall anymore. And frankly, this event of later surpassed independence (later surpassed because you can’t consider yourself independent if you’re still living with your parents) is tremendous, and when I see all my friends going through it; it’s something I’m going to have a hard time coping with! My friends see it as a cool commodity that they’ll be able to go to the mall by themselves soon, I see it as an entire new dimension that opens up one more door into adulthood. Just the fact that this following scenario between one of my friends and I:

“Yo, can you drop me off at the station a few blocks from school? ‘Cause the buses aren’t running today. Thanks!”

, is bound to happen someday soon – is just unfathomable.

You could most definitely say I’m having, and I’m going to keep having, a hard time growing up.

A few days afterward, I talked with another friend of mine – let’s call him Mr. Mirald – about our plans for college; yet another event too momentous for one Tomás to take. And well, yeah, we’re going to college! But we’re not going to go straight after college. Instead, we’re going to take one year off, and travel. Be it a roadtrip to West Palm Beach, or a concert tour to New Zealand (not that we have a band or anything) we’re going somewhere. We all agreed that going to college right after high school is just not right – you gotta take a breather before plunging into the pool that is the rest of your life, right? – and so, those are our plans. We also fantasized about the bachelor pad we’re gonna have. Get one together up in Boston, so that the both of us – as well as the third member of our trio, The Fresh Prince (and no, not the actual one starring Will Smith; let’s call my friend Prince 305 instead); the three of us then, would have a place to um … drink tea with our chocolate bar purchasing dates?

The future’s coming way too soon.

Hopefully, Miss America, you’ll help me make the most of it.

As for you guys, Mr. Mirald and Prince 305 – damn right we’re getting that bachelor pad! damn right we’re taking that year off!   

And even if we’re in Boston, we’re still gonna go pick up my sister at 3 PM every afternoon when she gets out of school! We’ll make it work!

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