Optimism in a Nutshell

Is the glass half full, or half empty? In what is perhaps the simplest and clearest way to establish the difference between an optimistic and a pessimistic attitude, we find the basis for a possible way to live our lives. Without a doubt, in the world of today, we see a lot of conflict – ranging from overseas warfare to domicile crime – and with that, an overabundance of negativity about the future that is terribly unwelcome. More often than not, we see people giving up on their plans and hopes for the future, blaming it on realism and the supposedly cold, hard truth that is that they cannot achieve their goals. Some will say that they are correct and that chasing after their dreams by completely ignoring the truth, will hurt them in the long run. Others will say that anything in life is possible, and that saying, “No, I can’t” is rubbish. Which answer do you think belongs to someone carrying out the ideals of positive psychology? The answer is neither. Positive psychology seeks not to blind people with a message of inexistent hope, but instead wishes to address the caustic nature of things like dwelling on the negative, thinking that our futures are set in stone, and more. Positive psychology is not over-optimism, and neither is it an excuse for the blissful ignoring of the reality of the world today – it is, instead, a way of life that can benefit us all.

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