End of Summer Vacation – Looking Back at Freshman Year

Hey, everyone! Summer vacation is officially over for myself, and my friends today – school is starting tomorrow! But the day is young, so I decided to make a little podcast commemorating two things – my recent trip to Pigeon Key, one of the islands along the Florida Keys; as well as talk a little about what freshman year was like last year.
Enjoy, everyone! And to my friends – have a great summer!

Blog Update No. ? – August 21, 2009

Hello, everyone! Just a quick update to let youa ll know I’m still alive (IF ANYONE GIVES A ****). LMAO.

Just kidding! But anyway, as of late, I’ve been busy with summer assignments for the upcoming school year, starting in just 3 days! yay! But on Sunday, I will be posting an article reflecting on the experiences during, and the significance of, freshman year, to keep in tradition with last year, where I wrote an article reflecting on Summer 2008 on the very day before school started.

So make sure to check back Sunday, towards nighttime, for the article. Hope you guys have enjoyed the blog this summer, but watch out! There’s lots more stuff to come this year. One idea I have in particular is vlogging (for you non informed Internet users, this is blogging through video; putting in film what one would otherwise say in words). First, however, I’m gonna need a camera, a good microphone, and some music. But, luckily, with school coming this year, I can always solicit the help of the broadcasting group.

Check back Sunday night, everyone! See ya soon!