New Idea for Summer Film Project!

Hey, guys! Well, as you may know, this summer, I was going to produce a small documentary as my summer film project. Well, that ship has sailed, but I am not on it. I decided it would be better to leave that to when I’m a bit more familiar with documentary film making – no small feat – and to, this summer, carry out a film project I’m a little bit more comfortable with.

Thus, I’ve decided to make the following my summer film project – Tomás at Large Online.

I hear “huh?” “what?” “does that mean we get food?” Well, unfortunately, we don’t get any food, but I can better answer the other questions.

At my middle school, I used to do a small morning show called Tomás at large (yes, I know, complete ripoff of Geraldo at Large. Wonder if he’s still on TV). With a run of about two years, the show was basically me telling the student body about offbeat news (like neighbors that spite each other by sticking forks in their backyards) , putting together small, comedic skits; even sometimes doing interviews with Career Day folk! So, anyway, some people liked the show, some didn’t, and a number didn’t watch it (note this includes K – 5th grade; my school was a K-8 center.) But anyway, those that did always encouraged me to keep doing it, and, when I went to high school, to resume it with more content and less censorship (once again, the show was broadcast to both an elementary and middle school student body).

And of course, the name of this blog comes from this show, although, as you can tell, its purpose is not the same; I just used the name as a memento of sorts.

So, that’s what I’m doing this summer. Using the formula I used for my show, and adding on to it with more comedy, a one man band by the name of The Fresh Prince, and more offbeat news; I’m going to make Tomás at Large Online. As you can tell, the show will be broadcast online.


That’s right. First, it will be pre-recorded using my personal camcorder, an audio mixer, and all the high quality fadoodles. Then, after that, the video will be broadcast “live” on the Internet, through a free, excellent service known as Ustream, which allows you to broadcast a video signal from your PC (be it your webcam, a video, a picture, etc.) to the Internet. Think of it like Youtube, but the content is live. You can check it out, and even make a show yourself, at

But anyway, that will be my summer film project. Details of the show are forthcoming, but for now, I think I should catch some Z’s. L O L. Z’s.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Good night!

One thought on “New Idea for Summer Film Project!”

  1. awesome tomm. I look forward to getting to know this ustream buisness and your show!!! keep up the good work…and u can b chris pirillo or whoever that is, ill be myself!!! lol <33


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