Need Ideas for a Summer Documentary

Hello, everyone! I need soem help from you guys today. I will be shooting a documentary piece over the summer (this 2009 summer), but I stil haven’t been able to think up topics for a good documentary. So today, I ask you, my humble readers, if you guys would have any ideas for a good documentary.

Anything is fair game, but if you guys need me to tell you more about what kind of documentary piece I’d like to shoot, I have no qualms to tell you more.

But know this – my budget is a big goose egg ( 0 ).

Leave your ideas in the comments! Thanks, guys!

2 thoughts on “Need Ideas for a Summer Documentary”

  1. i think you should do a documentary of our expidentures at school, some kind of memory thing i could help u reenactt lol….or your lifee…. the cats and lightning thing was a no-no, u cld talk about how much you ❤ me!!!!!!!!!!! "put that big goose egg in the file 578574"


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