Here’s Tomás! Blog Update No. 5

Hiatus, much?
I know I said I wouldn’t do this again, and I’m sorry for not keeping my first and so far only promise in this blog.
Golly, that ain’t a good start.
But, I’ve got quite a few new things to talk about. I’ll begin by saying what a trendsetter I’ve become amongst some of my friends! Now that’s extremely assholeian (meaning explained later on, but you can probably guess what it means) of me to say, but let me explain why. I began this very blog over the summer, of 2008, and I’ve been popularizing it, so to speak, this year, amongst my new-found high school friends. Take a few months, and now two of my best friends in my English class also have blogs. Remember Victoria Marie, who published a few articles regarding Shakespeare and one of his most well-known works, Romeo and Juliet? We’ll, she’s gone on to bigger, better things, on this very website, and mind you, it’s quite the nice read – you can see that right here. Highlighter Jacket, title and true fact, is also new-found and blooming like a rose in October (I know that probably doesn’t make sense). It’s got is share of nice pictures as well, so click here if you want to see what she’s all about.
All right, well, hopefully now I don’t sound as assholeian. Oh, by the way, those are two new adjectives I’ve come up with, and IMHO, I think they’re fit to be new additions to the growing (or decaying) English language – assholeian, referring to something that is or someone whom is an a**hole, and then, assinine, referring to something particularly unsettling or not favorable. Assholeian should be used more for the actions of someone; and assinine for an event or circumstance. How’s that?

I’ve been busy, as of late, completing some film projects. Now that Spring Break is coming, besides doing my best to hang out with friends (more on this later on), I’ll also be working on a review of Linux Mint 6 Felicia, the most promising GNU/Linux desktop OS I’ve seen to date. You might not know what GNU/Linux is, or what Linux Mint 6 Felicia is…. but I’ll tell you all about it when the video’s all done later this coming week, Spring Break week for us students. Right now, all the narrations and video portions of the review are done; now I need to put it all together and maybe record me using Linux Mint as well.
I’ve also completed the commercial I’ve been trying to get done since February for my school’s book club, which I am a part of (by the way, right now we’re reading City of Bones, which is a very interesting read and bears, in my opinion, a slight resemblance to Twilight). I’m gglad to say I was able to finish the commercial last weekend; the week coming back from Spring Break, with crossed fingers, I can say that it’ll be playing on my school’s local newscast. I’ll also, if I’m allowed, be putting it up on Youtube.

Once I get to go to the library one of these days, since there’s no Internet at home, I’ll also be updating information on the above on my Visionary Productions website as well.

I might be a wimp….. ok, yes, I am, but in my TV Production class, we’ve been assigned a pretty freaky assignment – recreate the shower scene from the 1959 Hitchcock classic, Psycho. The movie was great – both cinematically and at not allowing me to sleep well for a few days, and now, I get to be the murderous Norman bates in the scene. Why? Like, come on, the single guy in the class of 30 students that’s freaked out about the movie has to be the killer. Like, come on, what is that?

This is getting very long, and winded, so let me wrap it up by asking a question that’s been troubling me lately….. how does one get invited to parties and people’s houses? Is it necessary to invite others to one’s house/party first? But, if this is true, then what about the opposite sex (because doing so would be freaky if it’s not a party)? These are the questions that trouble me. And, no I do not need a shrink.

Hope you guys have liked this article!! Once again, I’ll try to stop going on such long hiatuses, but with no Internet at home currently (yeah, it sucks)…. doing so will be all the more challenging. Thank you for reading, and see you guys again soon!!

-Tomás Monzón

One thought on “Here’s Tomás! Blog Update No. 5”

  1. thnks for the advertisement. lol. and psycho isnt that scary at all. come on. that cracked me up. nd i have to be the one to get killed in my group. good luck! lol


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