1st, Terrible Attempt at Poetry: “Wednesday”

I haven’t written a poem since the 7th grade. Sad, indeed, yes. But, after going to the laundry room and thinking about what I’m going to do this week, I came up with a brand-new one. Let her rip, right?!
The week is a mountain composed of five stages
Stage 1 is Monday
when we start off slow and steady,
but with enthusiasm in our hearts
Stage 2 is Tuesday,
where we continue the trudge with hardened legs, feet, and expression
Stage 3 is Wednesday,
and it’s also the point where we reach th peak of the mountain.
Now the trouble is to come down from the mountain!
Certainly, gravity is on our side now,
but in the real world
time is gravity!
Gravity can make you fall down to the bottom of the mountain
quicker than you want to.
It can make you regret
you reached the ground so fast.
Time will hurry the week up,
Thursday and Friday will pass you by
like a paper that’s thrown at you in class!
“Where’d it go”, you say.
If you’re not careful, time will make your careless.
But at least you can rejoice
that it’s the last days of the week.
Good luck,
and god speed.
Comments, please!!!

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