These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

“These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume” -William Shakespeare; Romeo & Juliet

Ah, dear old William Shakespeare. The one who taught us, as I stated in my previous entry, that not all love stories have a happy ending. Shakespeare was also the one that taught us that, not for the joy of others, violent delights turn into violent ends. Passion becomes dislike. Happiness becomes sorrow. And love, with time, becomes hatred.

When love becomes the center of all things, our live begins to revolve around it. Love for our family, love for our friends, and love for that significant other. Usually, we grow into such love. As a child, young and innocent, one learns to love, and care for, those who nurture us. When growing into adulthood, our friends learn to become family, and take a little peice of our heart. As one matures, we are captured by the love of a specific significant other, who eventually becomes our life partner. However, this love, like the flames of a burning fire, soon dies out.

In today’s society we are overcome with news of divorce, when marriage was supposed to be a holy union that lasted forever. Maybe Shakespeare knew what  he meant when he said that violent delights turn into violent ends. Everywhere you look, one can see couples ending such love which was once proclaimed. Screaming, bitching, and fighting can all be heard. We are consumed into such bickering from the beginning. There are people who can’t even look into another person’s eyes without feeling that ‘ancient grudge’. I mean people, seriously, can’t we learn to put our differences aside, and grow into love? Obviously not. So instead, we fulfill our pleasures to the max, and then simply leave them behind.
Never to be remembered.

In conclusion to my second post on the Tomas at Large Blog I wanna say, Thanks.
Thank you Shakespeare for foreshadowing such disappointing truths of our future,  four-hundred forty-five years in the making.

-Victoria Marie


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