Romeo and Juliet: Lovers or Sluts?

Hey there, Tomás at Large Blog followers and newcomers alike! Today, I have something a little different for you guys = an honest criticism of century-old literature by our new contributor (and old friend!), Victoria Marie. Enjoy, and make sure to leave your comments – this one’s open-ended!!!”

Alas, fair Romeo & Juliet. Possibly the most famous pair of lovers, star-struck that is. Verona’s most chaotic story since, well the 1500’s. A story of love, hatred, ancient grudge, and death. Because of course, not all love stories have a happy ending. Shakespeare taught us that one.

My opinion of such play is that the Bard simply sugar-coated the idea that love at first sight simply does not exist. How is it possible that two awestruck teenagers meet, fall in love, marry, AND die for each other in less than a week? Yes, the life span of most was not as long as it is now, but a week would have been the equivalent of a month in today’s terms of time. And two teenagers would be the equivalent of a pair of college kids getting married in Vegas. Pathetic, I believe. But when reading Romeo & Juliet, it is of great difficulty that we can understand this due to the vocabulary used by Romeo and his buds. With his romantic words flowing in such a rhythmic manner, who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Did Juliet ever consider Romeo’s past relationships, maybe some ex-girlfriends thrown into the mix? When you have a guy like Romeo (who is prepared to die for Rosaline as soon as the play begins) that changes his mind every week about the “love of his life”, one can’t help but wonder whether Juliet would still be his main gal after two weeks. I think not.

Which brings me to my next point, how in the world is it possible to declare yourself in love after only one kiss?! That manages to sound even worse in comparison to modern-day’s teenagers throwing out “Ily” after only one day of dating. This is one minute we’re talking about here people!
Yes Romeo, you’re an amazing kisser. I think I’m in love with you.
Not to be vulgar, but kind of slutty, don’t you think?

But once again, Shakespeare manages to cover such hidden meanings with his romantic words. So, are Romeo & Juliet a pair of star-crossed lovers, or a pair of star-crossed sluts? I’ll leave you to come up with the answer to that one.


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