A Little Note About Love

Once again, this comes to you from a discussion in my English class. Years from now, if this blog is still going strong, then I will be able to say that, initially, the blog was supported the most by discussions from my freshman English class. That’ll be pretty cool.
This is a little discussion we had about teenagers and love at first sight.It’s a cute topic, yes, and I just had to put up my response to it. Let me just go on record by saying, I love my GF, too. Enjoy!

The chance of love at first sight working into a stable, equally loving relationship is really a strike of luck, but luckily with odds more favorable than those of the lottery. At its most practical, unfeeling definition, love at first sight is nothing more than being charmed by someone’s good looks. By the swift, brutal laws that are common sense, this is all it could possibly be. However, we humans have feelings and fears, and it is these that compose the figt of thwat love at first sight is supposed to be; the magic of it. What it’s supposed to be is an immeditate love, a lasting affinity, that develops for a person on the spot. You suddenly feel like you’ve known them firver, that you are both meant for each other. Most of this can only be based on pure feeling, a premonition, and thus love at first sight, I belive, can only occur with people trul interested in finding love. Love at first giht can come only to those seeking love who can find meaning in seeing a charming lady as a bountiful garden filled with nothing but joyous, loving feelings, with a heart harboring nothing but words of romance straight from Romeo and Juliet for you.
Teenagers are go for getting lost in such things, but their being effective requires a certain degree of maturity not all teenagers possess. Love in first sight doesn’t always work, and that’s an important reality for teenagers to face when that’s what’s at hand.

Short, I know, but hopefully interesting. Hi to Gia!

Am I a Lonely Post? Where’s My Writer?

Hello, peoples!!!! It’s Tomas at Large!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry I have not updated in such a long time. I’ve been caught up with stuff in school a lot. I’m currently shooting 3 commercials – one for the Book Club, one for the Interact Club (community service), and one for a friend who’s aspiring to win the Silver Knight for Social Studies. On top of that, I’m doing homework and getting all ready for Valentine’s Day, which for me in particular, and Gia; it’ll be a pretty special day. Even if we just go watch a movie.
I likely have lots of stuff to say, but the problem is, unless you keep a list of it, you likely forget. I haven’t kept a list. But I do have something for you guys to ponder aboout. My AP World History teacher said it

   History always repeats itself. The players may be different, but the game’s still the same.
 -Lourdes Garcia
Hopefully she won’t be mad that I quoted her on that, but it’s such an intelligently concise, universal, and just astoundingly great quote. In a description more intricate than the quote itself, it summarizes the growth and development of The Earth and its Peoples from prehistry to the present. Repeating patterns that somehow end up in something different every generation (computers weren’t around in Stony’s age). It’s a great quote, and I’ll definitely always keep it in the back of my head whenever I’m studying history. 
Here’s some more stuff for you guys. I’m sure some of you guys know Meg Cabot, the author of books such as Avalon High (which the Book Club is reading now) and The Mediator. Well, she’ll be holding a presentation at the Books and Books in Coral Gables, Miami, FL, USA (=D) and I’ll be going, so I’ll tell you guys all about it when I come back. It’s such an exciting opportunity to be able to meet the creator of a book, to see if your interpretations match with the correct ones. 
I’m trying really hard to remember what else to write about. Well, it’s better to write about something when it’s well at the front of your Memory Priority Table. I have some perverted computer motherboard jokes, but I doubt those are appropriate. See if you can come up with a few. Ah, yes. What 15 minutes of 1st Period for attendance can do to a child.
Anyway, just wanted to update my blog so you guys know I’m still here. I’ll try to stop going on such long hiatuses, and I’ll see if I can write up a full article soon as well (instead of just the blog updates). 
Good-bye, guys! See you next post!