Midterms, Rude Awakenings, and Change

Hello, all! In an effort to maintain the philosophy I expressed in Edition 3 of the Blog Update, I’m simply writing this up to tell you all what I’m up to.

Well, right now, midterms are in school this week. So far we’ve been doing the writing portions, and I’ve been doing pretty well, but so far, also, I’ve been getting late to school!!!! It really stinks. On Tues. I woke up at 7:20 Am (my bell rings at 7:30). It’s weird, however – on that day I got to school on time, but today, I woke up on time ,7:00, and I missed the bell! What is that?! Hope fully things will improve before it has an adverse effect on this week of examination (and the next, too!). I really hope I get early tomorrow – there’s a test first period! Here’s to avoiding a RUDE AWAKENING!

In English class, where, to little surprise, most ideas for blog posts so far have stemmed from, we were discussing topics we could use for our midterm essay tomorrow. Quite unanimously, and quite instantly, we decide d the topic would be change. It’s something that we’ve seen quite often in the novels we’ve read (so far, we’ve visited the enchanted worlds of Jack London’s Call of the Wild, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and more), but besides that, it’s just a topic, I think, we all want to write about. It’s a multi-faceted subject to write about, especially today in the United States. With a brand-new president about to take to the White House, change is on everyone mind. A better economy, lower costs for living, and more importantly, the elimination of four dollar gas, is really what everyone wants. Everyone’s hoping for change right about now, in the world of politics and economy.

But also, part of the change I think we’ll all be writing about tomorrow is personal change. References to our books, notably A Christmas Carol, which we just wrapped up, will definitely be present, but another matter of discussion will also be what causes a person to change. I still have to decide just exactly what I’ll talk about, but I’m glad that we’ll be writing about a subject that’s so popular right now. Change. It’s a simple word, and really, it could just be used to talk about the pennies you get back from buying a one dollar Whopper (I could really use one right now… yeah…), but it’s an arrangement of six letters that has not only been seen before in history, it’s a phenomenon that we’re all hoping to see again now. Both in the political world of the United States, but perhaps also in ourselves, now with the new year giving us all a chance to fix what’s wrong.

Well, guys, hope to wake up early tomorrow, and see you next time.


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