Types of Material on This Blog

Hello, peoples!

Hi, it’s Tom/Tomas/Tomas at Large! Welcome again (or just welcome, whatever the case) to my blog, the Tomas at Large blog.

Just wanted to say hello, in addition to a couple of things. If you’ve been reading the last few posts, then you know that most of the stuff I type up on here are somewhat extended articles about differing topics. I decided to post not only those, but now, shorter ones as well, just to say what I’m up to, or what projects I’m working on, whatever. To make it a little bit more personal, you know?

So anyway, just wanted to say that. Right now I’m enjoying my Winter Break from school, and trying out a brand new operating system called MCNLive, based on Mandriva Linux – it’s uber-cool; check it out here. You can even put it on an iPod, which is what I’m using now since my hard drive broke. 😀

As far as video projects (yes, this is my hobby; check out all my videos at my Visionary Productions website here), right now I’ve got nothing scheduled. In production class, my team and I are working on a PSA for ending homelessness, so that’s what I’ll be busy with for now.

All right, guys, well thanks for reading the blog. Happy New Year, Merry Belated (place holiday here), and best of luck in 2009!