Censorship in a Free World

This article was inspired by an exciting, interesting conversation held in my school during 1st Period in English class. We arrived at the topic when talking about the new book we’llbe reading, called “Inherit the Wind”.

In the world of today, voicing your opinion on just about anything is rather easy to do, but at the same time, its consequences can range anywhere from favorable to not so great. And without a doubt, people have taken advantage of this freedom of speech, which is present, not only in America, but in almost the entire world, to express their feelings and thoughts on anything, anyplace, in any way, shape or form.

You’d think this freedom of speech that exists in the world today is great and contributes towards the creativity of many, and in really, it does. At the same time, however, it has also been one heck of a controversial topic and privilege. The freedom it gives is not without limits; the founders of the American nation whom, upon building the nation we live in today, developed the ideology of free expression but gave it limits so that it could exist within a Democratic government, but a government nonetheless. The most famous example is the fact that you cannot assert your freedom by running down the street and yelling “FIRE!”

Nonetheless, freedom of expression has been used greatly since its conception, and it has been, amongst the many laws and principles of American society and government, the last one to be challenged. And it should remain this way, because it has been thanks to this law, to this privilege we have as American citizens, that so many American writers and literary figures, as well as artists and movie directors, have been able to give their view on what’s occurred through history.

But, the same great law has caused some issues, and they’ve presented themselves largely in a word that for many, is not a term they like to hear – censorship. The ruthless defacing and minimizing of creative works so as to not influence a population wrongly, which then again, might only be “wrongly” in one person’s or group’s opinions. While it was always much more severe back then, it unfortunately still exists now – we live, still, in a world where sometimes we have to consider that we may not be getting the whole picture.

Censorship can either be good or bad. It can limit the ideas and beliefs of some, but maybe protect the Innocent minds of many – children. When we read, as little kids, about the beautiful forests of Brazil in those little elementary books, we’re not told it’s being destroyed by deforestation at first. It’s a little later when we’re told. At first, when we see the news, as little kids, at 6 o’ clock, when our parents are watching, we’re not told the economy is in a bad state or that there’s a war going on and people are dying.

Also remember that, although I’ve mentioned the US as the eyes here, free speech exists all over the world, with the exception of certain regimes, unfortunately.

What do you think? I’ll let you guys finish my article. Voice your opinion.
Don’t worry – there’s no Banned Comments Section here.

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